Event Description

This program explores different sonic landscapes in music for flute, piccolo and alto flute, either alone or with recorded tracks. Works by Eve Beglarian, Elizabeth Brown, Daniel Dorff, Jay Batzner, Adina Izarra, and Carlos Knight González.


Nocturne for solo flute (2015), Carlos Knight González b. 1994
Nocturne II: Spores for solo flute (2017), Carlos Knight González
I Will Not Be Sad in This World for alto flute and electronics (2009), Eve Beglarian b. 1958
Mercurial for flute and electronics (2008), Jay C. Batzner b. 1974
Tweet for piccolo (2011), Daniel Dorff b. 1956
Cardinal Songs for flute and electronics (2019), Adina Izarra b. 1959
Arcana for flute and electronics (2004), Elizabeth Brown b. 1953

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United States
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