Crossing Borders Music

Founded in 2011, Crossing Borders Music has become a leading interpreter of chamber music by composers from cultures including the Chickasaw Nation, Colombia, Egypt, Haiti, India, Syria, and Uganda, and a pioneering, critically acclaimed presenter of music by graduates of the Bahá’í Institute for Higher Education in Iran. Crossing Borders Music was a Headline Artist at the African Festival of the Arts, a Resident Arts Organization at the Chicago Cultural Center, and has been presented by the Old Town School of Folk, St. John’s Cathedral of Denver, Montréal’s Society for the Research and Promotion of Haitian Music (SRDMH), and at Chicago’s Symphony Center through the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s African American Network. Crossing Borders Music has been featured on ABC-7 Chicago News, on WFMT’s Relevant Tones, on WFMT’s Fiesta!, on WBEZ’s WorldView, in the Chicago Tribune, on, and as a Critic’s Pick in TimeOut Chicago. Crossing Borders Music released Beyond the Headlines: Haiti in Music, a live album of Haitian chamber music, in 2013 and in 2014 recorded world premiere albums of chamber music and cello solos by Haitian American composer Gifrants. Through a grant from The Chicago Community Trust, in August, 2016, Crossing Borders Music released Zombie: Origin and Evolution, a studio album of newly commissioned string quartet music by Haitian composers Jean “Rudy” Perrault and Sabrina C. D. Jean Louis.


The mission of Crossing Borders Music is to use music to promote the dignity of people from all cultures.

We envision a more harmonious world in which people experience musical and artistic dimensions of world cultures in such a way that influences how they shop, invest, travel, volunteer, do business, and live their day-to-day lives.

To this end, Crossing Borders Music produces moving music that tells compelling stories by composers from under-represented cultures – music that invites audiences to challenge assumptions and learn more. Crossing Borders Music also presents educational programs to foster young people’s awareness of the diversity and richness of cultures and their music.

Crossing Borders Music is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.