Tabes Bridges, composer & baritone

Tabes Bridges is a Chicago-based composer and baritone whose music takes listeners on fantastic journeys of harmony, language, and color. A longtime choral singer, Tabes is obsessed with the interplay between words and music, and his long-term artistic goals include 1) pushing the limits of textual sources in choral music, and 2) expanding the boundaries of text setting as a technique for creating instrumental music. He studied composition and voice (as well as mathematics) at Columbia University, and has performed with a number of Chicago-area ensembles over the last 7 years including Wicker Park Choral Singers, the choirs of St. Giles Episcopal and St. Alphonsus Catholic Church, Stare at the Sun, and various ad-hoc professional ensembles assembled for groups such as Chicago Opera Theatre and the Assyrian Cultural Foundation. He currently sings as a section leader for Vox Venti (a member ensemble of the William Baker Choral Foundation) and St. James Cathedral. His compositions have been sung by Wicker Park Choral Singers and the choir of St. Giles Episcopal Church, and heard on WFMT, Chicago’s classical and folk radio station.