Zoë A. Wallace, composer/guitar

Zoë A. Wallace (formerly known as Zoë Holbrook) is a classical composer and guitarist who is continually striving to broaden the repertoire for instruments in an ensemble setting. She has performed in a number of concerts as a soloist and in a duo throughout California, Illinois, and Utah, and has had the pleasure of playing the premieres of such pieces as “Thoughts” by Darlene Castro, “Roots” by Nicholas Denton-Protsack, “Vertex” by Zoë Wallace, the west coast premiere of “Distance and the Sea” by Stan Funicelli, and many others. Most recently, Zoë founded Nightingale Ensemble and acts as the guitarist, resident composer, and artistic director to continue her goal of expanding the repertoire for unusual instrument pairings.


Watch: The Second Coming, performed by Nightingale Ensemble

Watch: String Quartet 1: L’Appel du Vide, performed by KAIA String Quartet

Watch: For Carl Solomon: a guitar concerto, performed by Zoë Wallace (soloist), Collin Whitfield (conductor), Madeline Hocking (violin), Sarah Bleile (violin), Wenfei Zhu (viola), Nicholas Denton-Protsack (cello), Yuchen Liu (double bass), Jesse Nucho (flute), Lotte Leussink (clarinet), Ashley Ertx (oboe), and Kristen Flock (bassoon).