Event Description

Quince Ensemble will share a brand new virtual performance of David Lang’s love fail, the 2012 masterpiece that Quince released on Innova Recordings in 2020. The performance will be filmed among the stunning exhibitions at KANEKO in Omaha, NE. Presented by the University of Chicago and supported by the Don Michael Randel Ensemble-in-Residence Fund.

It may seem strange that Quince, a vocal ensemble specializing in contemporary music, would take up repertoire written for an ensemble whose focus was the medieval period. That is exactly the case with David Lang’s love fail after Anonymous 4, the group that commissioned the work, retired in 2016.

If Lang’s open vocal harmonies provide the connective tissue for early music lovers, it is the composer’s treatment of text that makes this piece thoroughly contemporary. With words and poetry drawn both from centuries-old manuscripts and new miniature short stories by Lydia Davis, Quince shapes love fail into a stunning, contemporary reflection on modern love.

Concert stream available from 7:00pm CST on Friday until 11:59 CST on Sunday.

Live Stream