Natasha Bogojević, composer & pianist

Natasha Bogojević is an award winning and internationally acclaimed composer and pianist. She is regarded as the creator of highly original, passionate and imaginative pieces. Her music is not possible to categorize; while deeply rooted in classical tradition she is constantly searching for different inspiration to create new, engaging and inventive scores. She is the recipient of numerous honors and awards, including the National Public Radio Award (Belgrade), an Association of Composers of Serbia Annual Award, The UNESCO’s IRC Prize in Paris. She was bestowed the famed Joseph Jefferson Award in Chicago. Most recently her composition “The Émigré’s Waltz” was named the winner of the Festival Expresiones Contemporaneas (Mexico City, 2020) while “The Sonority of Kafana” received “Honorable Mention” at the prestigious USA MACRO Competition. Composition “Kolo” was the “Finalist” at the NYC Contemporary Music Symposium (Columbia University, 2021). Her Virtual Overture for large orchestra is the finalist on The American Prize list.

Natasha Bogojević has been praised for her unusual yet traditionally scored chamber ensembles, including her UNESCO International Rostrum of Composers (IRC) winning piece Formes différentes de Sonneries de la Rose+Croix for piano, prepared piano and harpsichord as well as for her music for analogue electronics, groups of female singers and movement, sacred choral and vocal pieces, multimedia synthesis of music and visual arts, symphony orchestra, various chamber ensembles, ballet and numerous scores for theatre and film. Interestingly she appeared as an actress and composer in recent film “Gray In White And Black” which is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Her music was presented at the festivals such as: BEMUS, BITEF, Europhonia (former Yugoslavia), AmBul (Bulgaria), European Festival of Experimental Music (led by Pierre Schaeffer), UNESCO International Rostrum of Composers (France), Beyond Biography, Gaudeamus, New Music in Middleburg, STIFT (Netherlands); International New Music Festivals (Slovakia), Concerts for Peace (Japan); Music Forum (Ukraine); Arrai Music Festival (Canada); Versicherungskammer Bayernin (Germany), Mikhail Shemiakin Foundation in St. Petersburg, DOM in Moscow, (Russia), International Festival of Music & Visual Arts «BLACK BOX» in Tashkent, (Uzbekistan), Electroacoustic Festival in Athens (Greece), Music and Silent Film Festival, The Chicago AIDS Quilt Songbook, Annual International Women’s Electroacoustic Project, Portland Chamber Music Festival, Princeton Symphony Chamber Series, National Conferences of American Music, New Music Chicago (USA) etc. Major soloists, ensembles and orchestras commissioned and performed Bogojević’s music. Most recently her chamber opera “Ex/Odus of Joy” based on the story “Diary of a Migrant” premiered at the Slovenian Chamber Musical Theatre in Ljubljana, Slovenia (2019), “Virtual Overture” were premiered by the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra led by Maestro David Alan Miller, Ensemble Metamorphosis presented “Dissolvenza” and “Rinnovata follia” for string orchestra, harpsichord and harmonica, New York Miniaturist Ensemble played her “100 notes Oratorio”. Her music was also premiered by St. Sava Academy, Collegium Musicum Choir, Access Contemporary Music, Anaphora, Versus Vox Ensemble, Amarone String Quartet, Saint George Orchestra and soloists Maja Bogdanovic, cello and Daniel Rowland, violin.

Her biography appeared in several books including “History of Serbian Music and European Musical Heritage” by Jim Samson, “Parallel Histories” by Dr. Ivana Medic, (Institute of Musicology of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts), “The World of Woman in Classical Music” by Dr. Anne K. Gray, Seven Locks Press etc.

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