Mason Spencer, violist

As a strong advocate for new music, and an experienced solo and small ensemble musician, Mason Spencer is dedicated to expanding the breadth of the classical canon through commissions and performance. His passion for musical variety has led to a collaborations with storytellers, singers, a variety of chamber and orchestral ensembles, and even a soloistic tea kettle. Some memorable performances include collaboration with the Chopin Institute in Poland, and an appearance at the inaugural Patreon Assembly in Los Angeles.

Mason Spencer has studied with Mark Jackobs in Cleveland and Stephen Wyrczynski at Indiana University. He has performed across the US with musicians such as Paul Neubauer, Natasha Brofsky, Axel Strauss, Roger Tapping, Kerry McDermott, and Bootsy Collins. He can most recently be found performing with the Fifth House Ensemble in Chicago. 

Mason firmly believes in the importance of contemporary music, and the diversity of voices therein. He believes that through flexibility and an open mind, classical music can not only stay relevant, but appeal to ALL audiences.