Beyond This Point

Beyond This Point is a percussion-based collaborative ensemble that aims to engage diverse audiences through its exploration of resonances and intersections across artistic mediums. Led by artistic directors John Corkill and Alex Monroe, the ensemble presents programs that synthesize musical performance with several disciplines and practices including theater, movement, media/film, sculpture, social justice, and environmentalism among others.

The ensemble’s recent work includes the nature | human project, developed in collaboration with percussionist Matthew Duvall of the four-time Grammy-winning contemporary music sextet eighth blackbird, which introspectively investigates physical and spiritual connections between humans and the natural world. Committed to expanding audiences for contemporary art, the ensemble is a partner in promoting equitable transit oriented development (eTOD) through the Elevated Chicago. eTOD aims to develop cities around their public transit assets, while avoiding displacement of community residents and local businesses. Previously, Beyond This Point has presented hybrid works for percussion, vocals, choreography, visual art, and theatre at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention and in Chicago in such venues as the Museum of Contemporary Art, Steppenwolf 1700 Theatre, the University of Chicago, and A Red Orchid Theatre.