Event Description

We’re always out to make the unfamiliar more familiar, so we are pleased to invite saxophonist and composer Miguel Zenón to our Once More, With Feeling! series at Constellation. We’ll be performing selected movements from Yo Soy La Tradición,which Miguel wrote for the five of us and premiered at the Hyde Park Jazz festival (the review was VERY favorable, and garnered a “Best of 2016” nod from the Chicago Tribune). Celebrating and reshaping the folk traditions of his native Puerto Rico, this piece is a captivating collection of heart-tugging melodies, spirited dances, deep grooves, and devilish virtuosity.

Once More, With Feeling! offers a rare second listen – on the same night – to an unfamiliar work, giving you the chance to deepen your appreciation and enjoyment of the music. On-stage conversation with the composer illuminates the subtleties of and inspirations for the music, and you are invited to ask questions in the moment – making any worries or preconceptions about “not getting it” disappear.

Miguel is a deep thinker on the subjects of music, culture, and identity, and this show offers you the chance to be immersed in the creative process…and sit mere feet away from a jazz luminary. You’ll also be among the first listeners to get your hands on a copy of the studio-recorded album, which is set to drop the following day.

3111 N Western Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618