Event Description

David Fulmer – New Commission
Elliott Carter – Fragments 1 & 2
Arnold Schoenberg – String Quartet No. 4

“What interested me in Schoenberg, especially in the earlier works, in Erwartungand others was the idea [that] you could make music that had the rhythm of prose.”

-Elliott Carter

That Schoenberg is still considered “contemporary music” in many classical music circles is a testament to the enormity of his break with tradition. Despite the fact that over 80 years separate us from the composer’s final string quartet, the scope of his influence is felt in no small measure to this day. We have a brand-new piece from Guggenheim fellow David Fulmer on this final concert of the series, as well as two of Elliott Carter’s most tender quartet morsels. As Schoenberg continues to be a provocateur in our era, this program is not so much a conclusion as a motivation forward, to continue reaching for what is new, what is unexpected, and what is just beyond our grasp.

Join us for a post-concert dialogue with Northwestern’s Bienen School of Music musicology professor Jesse Rosenberg and a curator from the Art Institute of Chicago.

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