Event Description

Lisa Coons – The Space Between

In the spirit of exploration that is the ONCE MORE, WITH FEELING! series, we include a work so fresh that it is still being written. Lisa Coons, in collaboration with director Mark DeChiazza, is in the midst of composing an evening-length, multi-disciplinary and theatrically-minded work, and we’re at the center of the proceedings. We were more than a little intrigued when she told us that she aims to “draw attention to the visceral and the physical bodies of performers and listeners.” For this series installment, the audience will have a singular opportunity to experience the birth of a large-scale new project…and perhaps even influence its final form.

We are extra-stoked to be working with world-renowned choreographer Mark DeChiazza for Lisa’s new work. If you caught our buddies in Eighth Blackbird doing Scheoeberg’s Pierrot Lunaire, you’re already familiar with his phenomenal work.

3111 N Western Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618