Event Description

Samuel Adams is at the Help Desk!

The New Music Help Desk is a unique opportunity for composers, performers, and new-music fans to get face time with Spektral – to ask pointed questions about notation, feasibility, tuning systems, harmonics, career advice, or even the critical social issues of our time. If you have a question, it is the right question…unless it’s about how much our instruments cost. Looking at YOU, Chet.

We will select a few questions in advance and then open it up to attendees using the Zoom Q&A feature. Which is to say, even if yours is not one of the few chosen beforehand, you can still ask us your question live during the event.


For this Help Desk, we welcome one of our dearest friends and collaborators, Samuel Adams, who Chicagoans will know from his tenure as Mead Composer-in-Residence at the Chicago Symphony. Not only did Sam write us a stunner of a quartet recently, he is also one of those artists who immediately brightens a room a few lumens with his disarming personality and thoughtful dialogue. He has much to share about The Business, but even more to give when it comes to talking about The Music. It is basically impossible to have anything other than an outstanding time when hanging with Sam, so do yourself a favor and get to this Help Desk!

As with all Help Desks, we will host a 30min after-hang where we can all let our hair down a bit. We’d love to see you there!

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