Event Description

The transatlantic ensemble Collect/Project appears for the first time in the United States as a full quartet to present Roadtrip!, a program designed to focus on the experience of musical performance through a diversity of pieces that look at relationships between performer, creator, composer and audience— a virtual road trip across continents and musical styles and experiences.

Collect/Project will present the world premieres and US premieres of several works written especially for this tour. Trapani and Leboucher both bring together the idea of story-telling via text in special ways. Leboucher melds
the voice and flute together as performer and mirror of each other for a fantastical text. Christopher Trapani’s Hafenlieder is the first piece of contemporary music with vocal text in Plattdeutsch which brings together the port city characteristics of Trapani’s roots in New Orleans with those of Eva and Frauke in Hamburg. The works by NEO Huelcker and Lisa Coons bring specific commentary on the issues of gender roles and in/equality in society—a particularly prescient and important topic as an ensemble of women and immigrants.

Frauke Aulbert, voice
Shanna Gutierrez, flutes
Eva Zöllner, accordion
Francisco Castillo-Trigueros, electronics

Francisco Castillo Trigueros En la gorilla gris, Silencio (2016/18) for voice, flute, accordion
and electronics**
Christopher Trapani Hafenlieder (2016) for voice, flute and accordion**
Christopher Biggs Tar for flute, accordion and electronics*
Lisa R. Coons Essay 1: Mater (2019) for voice, flute, accordion and electronics*
Matthias Leboucher Bilder in Bildern (2016) for voice, flute, accordion**
Neo Hülcker I’m in your bodies (2018) for voice, flute, accordion and electronics **
* world premiere ** US premiere

3429 West Diversey Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647
United States
(773) 772-3616