Event Description

Picosa is particularly thrilled to showcase the superb music of composers from Spain and Latin America this season.  This diverse program begins with two lush and lyrical trios by beloved Argentinian composer Astor Piazolla, Oblivion and Trio Revolucionarios for violin, cello, and piano.  Hungarian clarinetist Béla Kovács created the Hommage à Manuel de Falla as one of many solo works he created celebrating great composers.  Two pieces on the program feature star contemporary composers Marcos Balter and Gabriela Lena Frank.  Balter’s delete/control/option for flute and cello is the most modern work of the program.  It is named after computing syntax and is based on the incongruities between voluntary and involuntary actions.  Gabriela Lena Frank is quickly becoming known for her music which captures Peruvian folk elements within a skilled contemporary musical framework. She describes, “Canto de Harawi: Amadeoso is a short tone poem that attempts to portray my childhood dream where I walk hand-in-hand with Mozart, passing through such unlikely scenes as my old backyard garden, a deserted playground, and an ominous cavern that frightened me during a family camping trip.”  Spanish composer Joaquín Turina’s Trio No. 1 for violin, cello, and piano is in the romantic tradition of the Piazolla with a distinctly Spanish flare.  Closing the program is the epic Quintet for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano written by Panamanian composer Roque Cordero.  This four movement work is a symphony in miniature, deftly balancing Panamanian folk elements with masterful contemporary composition and featuring each instrument of the quintet beautifully.


Astor Piazzolla | Oblivion (violin/cello/piano)
Astor Piazzolla | Trio Revolucionarios (violin/cello/piano)
Béla Kovács | Hommage à Manuel de Falla (clarinet)
Marcos Balter | delete/control/option (alto flute/cello)
Gabriela Lena Frank | Canto de Harawi: “Amadeoso”(flute/clarinet/piano)
Joaquín Turina | Trio No. 1 (violin/cello//piano)
Roque Cordero | Quintet (flute/clarinet/violin/cello/piano)

Picosa Artists

Jennie Oh Brown | flute
Andrea R. DiOrio | clarinet
Elizabeth Brausa Brathwaite | violin
Patti Garvey | cello
Kuang-Hao Huang | piano
Jonathon Kirk | Composer-in-Residence

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United States
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