Event Description

Crossing Borders Music and the CSO African-American Network present “Untold Beauty of Haiti: a Piano Concert”!

The performance will take place at The Club, on the 8th Floor of the Chicago Symphony Center.

The performances’ compositions have been preserved by the Société de recherche et de diffusion de la musique haïtienne (SRDMH) (Society for the Research and Diffusion of Haitian Music) in Montreal, archived by the Laboratory of World Music Research of the Université de Montréal, and prepared into performance editions by Dr. Robert Grenier of SC State University. Pianist Marianne Parker will perform the program, bringing to life the fruits of decades of scholarly work.

The program will include the Haitian méringue-inspired Quatre Danses (Four Dances) by late 19th/early 20th century composer Ludovic Lamothe. Lamothe was known as “Black Chopin” and “The Last of the Romantics” because of his affinity for Chopin, and for his long, romantic-style melodies and lush harmonies. The program also shares Nocturne No. 1 by Carmen Brouard. Brouard was a 20th century piano virtuoso and modernist composer. As a young musician, she attended the Paris Conservatoire. She dedicated her Nocturne #1 to one of her piano students. The three movements of Edmond Saintonge’s Pages Intimes (Intimate Pages) show his emotional and romantic approach to composing. The movements’ titles translate as I. Hopelessness, II. Melancholy, Salon Mazurka, and III. Sentimental Talk. In his Sonate Folklorique en Sol Majeure sur les Chansons Populaires d’Haiti (Sonata on Haitian Folk Songs in G Major), Emile Desamours quotes popular Haitian folk song melodies and incorporates also the syncopated, dancing rhythms of Haitian folk music. Ending the program, François Manigat’s Souvenir de Quinze Jours au Cap Haitien (Memories of Fifteen Days in Cap Haitien) reminisces about two enchating weeks the composer spent on Haiti’s northern coastal city.

Pianist Marianne Parker is a founding member of the L+M Duo, which performs contemporary music for percussion and piano. Previously, she served as Principal Pianist of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, where she studied under Chicago Symphony Orchestra Principal Pianist Mary Sauer. Ms. Parker previously studied at the Bösendorfer Piano Institute of Vienna under Krassimera Jordan, and with pianists Wei-Han Su, David Northington, and David Brunell.

Afterward, continue the celebration of women in music as Katia and Marielle Labèque perform Bruch’s Concerto for Two Pianos with the CSO!

Tickets are $15, or stay for the CSO concert for an unbeatable deal of $40 for the whole evening! Get tickets here!

220 South Michigan Avenue, 8th Floor
Chicago, IL 60604
United States
(312) 294-3585