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Hear music lost for over a century, and a world premiere performance, in this ground-breaking program of Haitian piano music by Crossing Borders Music pianist Marianne Parker! The program‘s namesake composition is the finely crafted, intensely emotional Pagesintimes by composer Edmond Saintonge. A prolific composer in his lifetime, Saintonge’s music became shrouded in obscurity after his death in 1907. The recent work of scholars Claude Dauphin and Robert Grenier, rediscovering and recreating Saintonge’s scores, makes this performance possible, bringing to life Saintonge’s music for the first time in over a century. Another work by Saintonge, his Elegie-Meringue, is inspired by the lively rhythms of the Haitian méringue dance. Haitian composer Ludovic Lamothe (1882-1953), known as “Black Chopin” and “The Last of the Romantics,” infused the same lively Haitian méringue rhythms into his Quatre Danses (Four Dances), as well as the rhythms of the habanera. Carmen Brouard (1908-2005) was a well-regarded Haitian-Canadian composer, pianist, and music educator. She dedicated her impressionistic, colorful Nocturne No. 1 to one of her students. Emile Desamours‘ (b. 1949) Sonate folklorique celebrates women through the Haitian folk songs that are the basis of the work’s three movements. Finally, this concert includes the world premiere of Arôme musical (Musical Fragrance) by Haitian-Canadian composer Gifrants! The piece uses the compositional technique Gifrants describes as “natif,” drawing extensively on the rhythms, melodies, and harmonies of Haitian musical traditions. Don’t miss this totally unique program!


Pagesintimes by Edmond Saintonge

Elegie-Meringue by Edmond Saintonge

Quatre Danses by Ludovic Lamothe

Nocturne No. 1 by Carmen Brouard

Emile Desamours‘ by Sonate folklorique

Arôme musical (Musical Fragrance) by Gifrants [WORLD PREMIERE]

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