Event Description

Chicago based Kyle Flens presents a concert of four percussion solos and two duos for percussion+.

Tonia Ko’s Blue Skin of the Sea explores the sonic qualities of the marimba through extended techniques with sticks and hands. Luis Fernando Amaya’s new duo Bestiario is the representation of an unknown “beast”; its sounds embodied through the guitar and an assortment of percussion instruments. Michael Gordon’s XY is an epic of ever spiraling polyrhythms inspired by the double helix of DNA. The drum set will also be featured as a solo concert instrument with two pieces: Alexis C. Lamb’s Post-Lightened and the premiere of Six Moments in a Room by Jonathan Hannau.

The works by Luis Fernando Amaya and Darcy Copeland are funded by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.

Tonia Ko – Blue Skin of the Sea for solo marimba – Movement II
Luis Fernando Amaya – Bestiario for percussion and guitar (premiere)
Michael Gordon – XY for solo percussion
Alexis C. Lamb – Post-Lightened for solo drum set
Darcy Copeland – (new work) for percussion and clarinet (premiere)
Jonathan Hannau – Six Moments in a Room for solo drum set (premiere)

Guest musicians:
Jesse Langen – guitar
Katie Schoepflin Jimoh – clarinet

3111 N Western Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618