Event Description

Aviary • New Works by Northwestern Composers

Isidora Nojkovic, cello
Ben Roidl-Ward, bassoon

And or OtherEmily Praetorius (b.1990)

my dream was to create content forever
or five instances of dependency and two of decay*Neil Quigley (b. 1990)

Invention of Water*Ben Zucker (b.1993)

*Denotes world premiere by NU Composer


~Nois • Is this ~Nois? – Music for Saxophones

Brandon Quarles, soprano saxophone
Hunter Bockes, alto saxophone
Jordan Lulloff, tenor saxophone
János Csontos, baritone saxophone

DwalmGemma Peacocke (b. 1984)

even the words that we are speaking nowDarcy Copeland (b. 1996)

SaxophonquartettGeorg Friedrich Haas (b. 1953)


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