Event Description

Naperville Chamber Players
Ad Astra – To the Stars

Marie Bennett, flute
Dorothy Deen, cello
Tricia Wlazlo, oboe
Ben Wahlund, percussion
Michael Giuliani, piano

Constellations for Alto Flute and Marimba (2016) – Joe W. Moore, III
Nebula for solo Cello (2014) – Mischa Zupko
The Whimsical Nature of Small Particle Physics (2016) – Ben Wahlund
Double Concerto for Oboe and Cello with piano, and percussion (2013)  – Jenni Brandon

Janice Misurell-Mitchell
The Speaking Flute

Janice Misurell-Mitchell, flutes, voice

Images, from Myth to Metal
Syrinx (1913) – Claude Debussy
Density 21.5 (1936) – Edgard Varèse

Metaphor to Muse

Sub-Music and Song, for solo flute (1983) – Janice Misurell-Mitchell
Sometimes the City is Silent (2003) – Janice Misurell-Mitchell

Poetry and Protest

Blues Man, Poet Woman (2004) – Janice Misurell-Mitchell
Amendment Blues No. 1  (2011) – Janice Misurell-Mitchell

The Body of the Flute as Resonator

Motel…loneliness, for solo flute (1997) – Janice Misurell-Mitchell
Karawane, for voice/alto flute and electronics (2016) – Janice Misurell-Mitchell

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Chicago, IL 60603