Event Description


Fulcrum Point kicks off its 20th year by showcasing three of the most influential composers in new art music: Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival Director Marc Neikrug, the Charles Ives Living Award and Grawemeyer Award winner George Tsontakis, and Grammy winner Augusta Read Thomas. Exploring the fulcrum point of tradition and innovation, the audience is invited to engage the composers in a dialogue about their artistic, spiritual and creative process. The composers will be present in person or via skype to answer the questions of curious new music enthusiasts. All three composers share a place on Fulcrum Point’s sounding board, sculpting and guiding our artistic vision for the past 20 years.

The program explores the mystic majesty of Bhutan with Marc Neikrug’s “Tiger’s Nest”, Greek mythology with Geroge Tsontaki’s “Gemini”, and the colorful canvases of Paul Klee with Augusta Read Thomas’ “Klee Musings.” As the Philadelphia Inquirer gushes of Augusta Read Thomas, we extend to the music of all three of these compositional giants: “it is boldly considered music that celebrates the sound of the instruments and reaffirms the vitality of contemporary classical composition.”

“Tiger’s Nest” by Marc Neikrug
“Gemini” by George Tsontakis
“Klee Musings” by Augusta Read Thomas

Mathias Tacke, violin
Paula Kosower, cello
Kuang Hao Huang, piano
Gail Williams, French horn


5311 S Lake Park Ave.
Chicago, IL 60615
(312) 801-2100