Event Description

Fulcrum Point New Music Project brings you another multimedia feast for the senses featuring outrageous videos and a 7 piece funk band playing wild mashups of documentary films and provocative interviews. Dutch avant-pop artist Jacob TV’s punchy, social-political music videos, riffing on rap, machismo, and violence are the perfect foil to the suave, award-winning scores of Hong Kong filmmaker/pop-star Teddy Robin Kwan. Kwan’s theme songs will be sung by winners of the “Chicago’s Got Cantonese Talent” singing competition. The music of Kwan and Jacob TV are complemented by Valerie Coleman’s work for video, flute, and percussion, “Hair, Cloth, and Thread,” a six movement piece based on artwork by Sonya Clark exploring cultural themes of African American hair, the textile industry, history, and memory.


“The concert program:
“Close Fight”
“I Was Like, Wow!”
“Grab it!”
By Jacob TV

“Hair, Cloth and Thread “ by Valerie Coleman
Midwest Premiere, featuring Jennie Oh Brown, flute; Peter Ferry, percussion

“City of Fire”
“Cops and Robbers”
“Til Death Do We Scare”
By Teddy Robin Kwan”

2033 West North Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647
United States
(773) 537-4440