Event Description

“The Melodic Version of The Second Dream of the High-Tension Line Step Down Transformer from The Four Dreams of China” is an 80-minute immersive multi-media improvisation. This rarely performed, seminal work of American Minimalism (1962) places the audience at the center of a harmonic convergence of eight muted trumpeters improvising drones, canons, chords, and other-worldly harmonics in an immersive magenta light installation by Marian Zazeela. With only four notes, these artists create a hypnotic harmonic sound world.

La Monte Young’s mystical music explores the vibrant space between the notes the colors of the natural overtone series are illuminated by Marian Zazeela’s magenta and gold light installation.

Featuring guest artist Ben Neill. This performance will take place in the Louis Sullivan Stock Exchange Room of the Art Institute.

Two Performances: 6 PM & 9 PM

Tickets on sale soon.

111 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60603
United States
(312) 443-3600