Event Description

What happens to the sounds in a room when they encounter electronic signals? What is the dynamic energy of amplification, modulation, and mutation of these sound created by variations of signal, tone, and frequency? Alchemy of nature, technology, and intuition. In Nic Collins’ Room Variations resonant frequencies of the concert hall are mapped and improvised upon. Ted Hearn’s DaVZ23BzMHO is a reverberant meditation on muzak from a ‘90’s commercial and reverb. MacArthur Genius Vijay Iyer’s Mutation I-X takes the listener on a journey of rhythmic and harmonic variations created by the ensemble and electronics.
Roomtone Variations ​​                  Nicolas Collins
MutantTrumpets ​ ​                        Ben Neill
DaVZ23BzMHO ​ ​                          Ted Hearne
Mutation I-X ​​​                                 Vijay Iyer
Improv Collaborations with Nic Collins, Ben Neill and Stephen Burns

3111 N Western Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618