Event Description

This concert has been postponed in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19. STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES.
Ensemble Dal Niente teams up with legendary improviser/composer/saxophonist Ken Vandermark for an evening of wild new music by AACM legends Roscoe Mitchell and George Lewis, along with cellist and improviser Katinka Kleijn. Mwata Bowden MCs.

The centerpiece of the show will be the world premiere of a new piece written for Dal Niente and Ken Vandermark by Roscoe Mitchell, a fearless musical pioneer and seminal figure in avant-garde music whose work has, over the last half-century, changed the very definition of what is possible. This work is co-presented by the Birdhouse, an organization dedicated to honoring the legacy of Fred Andersen, in celebration of the 55th anniversary of the AACM.

The show opens with the second-ever performance of Katinka Kleijn’s Echo Forward, a semi-improvised piece originally written for the Instigation Festival Orchestra, which features musicians moving throughout the balcony and on the ground, calling and responding to each other with musical battle cries that are by turns ghostly, nostalgic, cacophonous, chaotic, and joyful.

Vandermark will play a solo set before sitting in with Dal Niente for a performance of George Lewis’ bustling, energetic Assemblage, a through-composed work which encourages listeners to improvise with their ears, to “stay in the moment and be ready for everything,” — or, as George says, to “catch the bus and go along for the ride, unburdened by expectations.”

This is a show about what it means to improvise, a practice that has a colorful and storied history in Chicago. Performers in experimental, classical, and jazz traditions have different ways of doing this – but this evening, we all come together in a collective celebration of sound.

Doors at 7:00pm.

1807 South Allport Street
Chicago, IL 60608
United States
(312) 526-3851