Event Description

Louise & Oscar’s Fashion Show brings together two works for wearable (dare we say fashionable) instruments for this Ear Taxi Festival Spotlight Concert. In Louise (2018), Jenna Lyle performs a work for sonic fabric garment with electronics, voice, and movement. In Oscar (2019), Riley Leitch performs a work for trombone, tape (in many senses of the word), and electronics from beneath a pile of VHS refuse and garbage bags. No dress code for the audience, but it couldn’t hurt to be runway-ready.

Composer/performers Jenna Lyle and Riley Leitch make a habit of deconstructing the way sound comes into being–be it through their instruments (Lyle, voice; Leitch, trombone), found materials, electronic accidents, or movement. They work outside of genre and classification to make intuitive performance works rooted in listening and asking questions.

5153 North Ashland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60640
United States
(773) 878-4557