Event Description

A plea for understanding. A multi-media Immigrant Mass performance/film reflecting the lives and struggles of those who have sought better lives in America. The goal of the mass is to humanize immigrants and their experiences through real interviews, striking visuals, and music. Through this multi-media lense, this message can be better communicated and understood.

The six movement Immigrant Mass is a fusion of the mass ordinary and immigrant experiences (collected by photo-journalist Greg Constantine). The purpose of this exploration is to examine how religion and government affect the lives of those seeking a better life (from war, poverty, and more).

The Roosevelt University Conservatory Choir led by Dr. Cheryl Frazes Hill, will be singing the standard Greek/Latin text of the mass ordinary and fulfilling the role of religion and government. Soloists; Corinne Costell, Tori Darnell, David Chavez, and Austin Sanders will be singing and embodying first-hand accounts of immigrants who have been held at border detention camps.

The ultimate goal of this mass is to highlight the realities and resilience of humanity, particularly struggling families, and what our role and duty is to help them. Through this melting pot of sounds and visuals by the Chicago Composers Orchestra, Conservatory Choir, soloists, and Greg Constantine, it is my hope that this work – which has brought so many hard working people from different walks of life together – will inspire to aid the immigrant community through various organizations, donations, and change in perspective.

Live Stream