Event Description

New Music Chicago Presents… is a monthly concert series that celebrates our members through music written during the 21st century by living composers. It happens every third Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm Central, live streamed to YouTube from the Nevermore Performance Space.

This month, we feature Beyond This Point in their reimagined presentation of Michael Gordon’s 2009 work Timber, entitled Reclaimed Timber.

For this production, BTP reimagines Timber to be more about housing and homelessness in a specific city. They use “instruments” that are found among abandoned and vacant homes in Chicago (so the sounds are essentially of Chicago), and there’s a reactive light installation comprising 5000 LEDs and 200 paper lanterns that essentially translates the music into light.

Watch here!


Beyond This Point (Adam Rosenblatt, Alex Monroe, John Corkill – Chicago)
ArxDuo (Garrett Arney, Mari Yoshinaga – Seattle)
Nonoka Mizukami (Baltimore)

Live Stream