Event Description

Romantic Music for Chamber Ensemble

Picosa is delighted to be featured in the Friday Noonday Concert Series at Fourth Presbyterian Church.  Come escape the winter winds and enjoy this program of romantic masterworks within the exquisite Buchanan Chapel of Chicago’s Fourth Presbyterian Church.  Our program opens with a work by Peter Schickele, who is known both as a notable composer and also as his comedic alter-ego PDQ Bach.  The Quartet for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano is written with a colorful complexity that extends the romantic tradition of tonal music beyond the compositions of Aaron Copland and Samuel Barber.  Philippe Gaubert’s Trois Aquarelles for flute, cello, and piano (Three Watercolors) are the musical version of an impressionist painting, with delicate melodies in pastel shades.  Finally, Amy Beach’s Piano Trio for violin, cello, and piano, opus 150, seems like a particularly fitting close to the program.  An inspiration to the suffragette movement in the U.S., Amy Beach was among the first women to pioneer a career not only as a composer but also as a concert pianist, forging new paths for generations of women behind her.


Peter Schickele | Quartet (clar/violin/cello/piano)
Philippe Gaubert | Trois Aquarelles (flute/cello/piano)
Amy Beach | Piano trio op. 150 (violin/cello/piano)

Picosa Artists

Jennie Oh Brown | flute
Andrea R. DiOrio | clarinet
Elizabeth Brausa Brathwaite | violin
Patti Garvey | cello
Kuang-Hao Huang | piano
Jonathon Kirk | Composer-in-Residence

Admission is Free!

126 E Chestnut St
Chicago, IL 60611
United States